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Aventura Lakes Homes for Sale and Rent

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Aventura Lakes Homes

Aventura Lakes Homes – the true touch of exciting European beauty! Just in a middle of it the picturesque Aventura newly constructed crafty designed and skillfully nestled, Aventura Community is the place to be! The straight sight to the Aventura artificial lakes is inspiring, especially those nights, when you feel easy breeze upon your face, when you see glimmering lights on the dark water not even clear whether it’s dream or not. It’s where you can easily feel a gondola under you, taking you to St. Marco square for late masquerade.

Aventura Lakes Club – is the best place to feel the charm of European architecture and design and to spend the quite days having all what you need for your contemporary work style – high speed internet access, fitness centers to keep fit your body, ocean waters to swim or to enjoy any other water activity. Only this exclusive high ranked town-houses club, laying upon 32 pure nature territory offers a waterfront and unforgettable experience to the owners, add to it private courtyards, romantic balconies and garden terraces. “It’s not just architecture and interior design that sets these homes apart. Every single house is on water… Venetian style waterways with fountains create the unique style of living.”